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Acacia pycnantha, Australia's floral emblem (Photo: Murray Fagg ANBG)

Wattle Walks in the Gardens

The Gardens' volunteer guides will help celebrate National Wattle Day this year. Our regular guided walks, at 11.00am and 2.00pm every day from Monday 31 August to Sunday 6 September will focus on wattles in the Gardens. The walks are free and leave from the Visitor Centre in the Gardens.

Another Planet: highly commended entry by Fanny Karouta-Manasse

Eureka! our Seedy Volunteers highly commended

The Eureka National Science Awards has highly commended the Friends of the Australian National Botanic Gardens’ National Seed Bank volunteers for their photography. 

The Awards recognised their photo, Another Planet, as outstanding science photography and for ‘capturing the essence of scientific discovery’. 

Another Planet is an image of a tiny seed of an Alpine heath plant, only 0.53 millimetres in length – not much wider than a human eyelash. 

To read more, click on the blue headline above.

Sources of Australian native plants in the Canberra region

A booklet that lists nurseries and other sources of Australian native plants in the Canberra region has been published by Rosemary Blemings, a Friend and member of the Australian Native Plants Society.

Download Sources of Australian native plants in the Canberra region (PDF, 71 KB).

Consultation on the Friends Constitution

The Constitution of the Friends has been comprehensively reviewed during 2015 by the Friends’ Council, and a draft has been prepared incorporating a number of proposed amendments.

A recent Friends project: Asteraceae Garden (Photo: Murray Fagg ANBG)

New Friends' project in the Gardens

Planning is now getting underway for a new project to be supported by the Friends. Two areas of the melaleuca swamp area have been selected as possible sites for a commission to create a ‘unique, magical, whimsical site-specific gazebo among the trees’, to be elevated within the vegetation or tree canopy level. The gazebo will provide an informal wildlife-watching platform within the canopy for early morning bird watchers and walkers, and a resting place and shelter from the heat or rain. It is also planned as a place of imagination and delight for children visiting the Gardens.

Growing Friends Shadehouse Upgraded

Early in 2014 the Growing Friends were asked if some surplus benches from the ANBG nursery could be used as a better support basis for the propagated plants being raised. 

'Edge 1' etching by John Pratt

Upcoming exhibition at the Visitor Centre

The Mt Ainslie Weeders Park Care Group have organised an exhition of drawings and prints by renowned Canberra artist John Pratt. The exhibition will be held at the ANBG Visitor Centre from 17 July to 28 August 2015.

John was a founding member of the Mt Ainslie Weeders Park Care group and the exhibition features works inspired by the flora and fauna of Mount Ainslie and the artist’s connection to this local nature park.

Tree fern frond ("fiddlehead") unfolding

New Master Plan for the ANBG

In case you missed it in the weekend news, the Australian National Botanic Gardens has just released a new Master Plan for 2015 – 2035. See the ANBG website for details. The  initiatives were welcomed by the Friends President Lesley Jackson. The Friends has an extensive group of active volunteers who work alongside paid gardens staff to fundraise and provide interpretive tours.

Key features of the Plan include:

Gang-gang    Photo: Pam Rooney

Of black cockatoos and gang-gangs

Members walk with the Birds

Over 60 Friends responded to the call of the birds on an early morning guided walk in the Gardens on Sunday 12th April. Overcoming multiple road closures due to the Canberra marathon, they arrived with their binoculars to share the beautiful weather with the birds.

enlighten - on the lawn

Luminous Botanicus – Friends in the dark

The Friends of the ANBG were closely involved in preparing and presenting Luminous Botanicus, the Gardens' contribution to the Enlighten festival in February.