Please welcome our new volunteer guides!

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We are pleased to welcome 15 trainee guides – who are about to graduate as qualified guides - to our team of volunteer guides. The guides-in-training bring a great deal of enthusiasm, commitment, knowledge and skills; as well as new ideas about ways of showcasing ANBG and its amazing array of plants.

The training program draws on the wide expertise associated with ANBG – horticulture staff, visitor experience staff, CSIRO researchers and current Guides (thanks to over 40 of our current Guides who have contributed). In fact, everyone learns new ideas and information in the training experience – trainers as well as trainees.

The training program involved site visits across the Gardens, classroom learning and most importantly, supervised guiding practice. This training also included lessons on driving the Flora Explorer vehicle, and presenting that tour, as well as walking tours. All this in just 12 days, over a 6 week period. This group training is followed by one-on-one mentoring with current Guides. When they are ready, each trainee will be assessed, to qualify as an ‘ANBG Guide’.  Watch out; you might even hear them practising, or see them trying to identify tricky plants, as you walk the gardens.

We will be having a welcome party for the guides-in-training on Wednesday 15th May, at 3 pm. This will also involve a trivia quiz - where we rely on their new-found knowledge to ‘blitz’ the tricky questions. All Guides are encouraged to join this event.