ANBG Friends Photographic Group - September meeting

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Friday, 27 September 2019 - 10:30am to 12:00pm

Composition by Graham Gall

Graham Gall will take us back to the basics of composition. 
Most of our Guest Speakers talk about composition as they present in their specialist topic area, but they mention these in passing e.g. Rule of Thirds and Leading Lines etc.
So for this presentation we will take time out with one of our own while Graham takes us carefully and clearly through the key aspects of composition being conscious we do have quite a few Members in their early stages of serious photography. But even for the advanced of those amongst us it never hurts to review and refresh our knowledge.

For those who don’t know Graham so well - he has been an active Member for around 3 years and shoots regularly in the Gardens with his Olympus gear.  He has exhibited and successfully sold prints, bookmarks and cards at two of our annual exhibitions.  When he is not behind the camera Graham is usually on a film set somewhere working as an actor and model as he pursues a creative life after retiring from a long public service career.  He also works professionally part-time as photographer on corporate and portrait still shoots and shoots video for TV commercials and music videos.

Graham has a large social media following where he shares his widely varied work from his extensive travels and his local shoots.  His particular interest is Australian Flora and Fauna and he also collaborates with a local Modelling Agency and shoots many portraits.

Coming from a successful film-making background Graham is passionate about design and composition of shots and will give us some interesting insights into his approach across the many genre of photography he works in.