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Genevieve Jacobs speaks at the 2020 volunteer awards presentation (photo: David More)
Genevieve Jacobs speaks at the 2020 volunteer awards presentation (photo: David More)

Genevieve Jacobs, ANBG’s 50th Anniversary Champion, was guest speaker at the 2020 Volunteer Recognition ceremony, which was hosted by Dr Judy West, Executive Director ANBG, and Neville Page, President of the Friends of the ANBG, on 10 November at the Crosbie-Morrison Amphitheatre and Lawn.

Genevieve spoke of the diverse talents and experience that volunteers bring to any organisation, and how their contribution brings so much to fruition. Max Bourke AM, immediate past-President of the Friends of the ANBG, was also invited to speak at this event. He spoke of such valuable commitment being a key element of the successful Friends of the ANBG.

2020 award recipients

    The following people were recognised for their voluntary commitment for several years in different areas of activity. Several of these people had multiple interests and were active in more than one of the groups of activities listed in Schedules 1 and 2 (see explanation below):

    • Anne Phillips and Roslyn Joslin received a certificate and pin and were congratulated for achieving 25 years of service;
    • Jane Keogh and Jean Egan for achieving 20 years of service;
    • Andy Rawlinson, Cliff Brock, Donald Beer, Edna Dundas, Maureen Connolly, and Tony Lawson for achieving 15 years of service.  
    • Certificates were presented to Beth Heyde, Bruce Mitchell, Els Wynan, Glenys Bishop, Jeanette Jeffrey, Jonette McDonnell, Linda Beveridge, Margaret Grist, and Mary Bush for achieving 10 years of service. 

    The following people are involved in several areas of activity because of their multiple interests, too. They were presented with certificates in appreciation for their outstanding commitment and dedicated voluntary work during many years towards the goals of the Friends and the Australian National Botanic Gardens, in some areas in particular:

    • Alan Henderson and Helen Elliot, particularly for their work with the Public Fund;
    • Ben and Ros Walcott, particularly for their work with the Flowers, Fruit and Foliage leaflets;
    • Fran Middleton and Sue Waterworth, particularly for their work with Growing Friends;
    • James (Jim) Gould particularly for his work with the Photographic Group, and
    • Peter Heaume and Tricia Morton, particularly for their work with the Social Events and Activities sub-committee, including the 30th Anniversary work group.

    Those who were not able to be present on the day were recognised in absentia, and separate arrangements were made for delivery of the certificates and pins.

    All of the Friends of ANBG join with Judy West and Neville Page, Genevieve Jacobs and Max Bourke, in congratulating and thanking the Garden’s volunteers and Friends voluntary workers for their passion and commitment to the Gardens. Working together with such passion and commitment is so valuable to us all.

    Linda Beveridge
    Vice President,
    Friends of the ANBG

    About volunteering and voluntary work at the ANBG

    Under the Memorandum of Understanding between the Gardens and the Friends, there are two schedules of voluntary activity in support of the ANBG:

    • Schedule 1 areas of volunteer activity at ANBG are primarily under direction of the Director National Parks (DNP): Botanic Resource Centre Facilitators; Seed Bank Volunteer; Seed Collecting Volunteer (Seedy Volunteer); Visitor Centre Volunteers; Volunteer Guides; Outreach Volunteer (for special events e.g. Floriade, Arboretum Open Day); Research Volunteer.
    • Schedule 2 areas of voluntary work are Friends activities in support of the ANBG that are treated as being carried out at the request of DNP: Growing Friends, Botanic Art Group, Photographic Group, Projects Subcommittee, Social Events and Activities Subcommittee; Summer concerts; Student Photo Competition; Talks Subcommittee; Friends Council and Executive; Newsletter and Publications Subcommittee, IT Convenors, Website Subcommittee, Membership Subcommittee, Plant Science Group, Flowers Fruit and Foliage; Friends Visiting Outreach Group.