Genevieve Jacobs ‘Japanese Gardens: an exercise in beauty, restraint and imperfection.’

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Thursday, 27 April 2017 - 12:30pm to 1:30pm

Japan’s national aesthetic has its foundations in nature, a deep connection that extends from its earliest history to the present day. Classical Japanese gardens are exercises in beauty, restraint and an embodiment of cultural beliefs about the passing nature of time, and the beauty of imperfection. 21st century gardens play with and expand on these ideas to make strikingly beautiful gardens that are also works of art.

Genevieve Jacobs began her media career on rural newspapers, writing about everything from court reports to darts tournaments. She has written for a number of national magazine and lectured on gardening and the arts, and ran Australia’s Open Garden Scheme in the ACT and Southern NSW. She has been on air at 666 ABC Canberra for the past ten years, beginning on weekend gardening and arts before moving on to Afternoons and now the Mornings show where she covers a wide range of local stories. Genevieve is also the patron of a number of Canberra charities and foundations and enjoys making strong connections with the Canberra community.