Introducing David Taylor

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David Taylor teaching Friends of the Gardens
David Taylor and Friends of the Gardens

David Taylor is the ANBG’s Curator of Living Collections.  David’s role regularly sees him working with the Friends in projects such as planting days, developing new gardens including the Asteraceae Garden and the Grassy Woodlands Garden.

Future opportunities will include the chance to contribute to the planned Banksia and Pomaderris Gardens and of course, the new Conservatory.

The Banksia garden is one example where the Friends and Guides will be able to be actively involved, including by having a representative on the Banksia Garden working group (stay tuned).  This will provide an opportunity for the Friends to develop information sheets on various Banksia species and provide input into the development of the Banksia narrative as they did for the Asteraceae project, They will be well placed to take photos of the development of the garden and of the Banksias themselves, to be used for interpretation and to add to our photo image library.  (Don Beer was the Friends representative on the Asteraceae Garden working group.)

David sees collaboration as a key element in the development and evolution of the ANBG and the partnership with the Friends and Guides as an important element that ensures the Gardens continue to develop and evolve successfully. 

The Nursery is currently propagating plants for all these new gardens.

Past garden-development projects where the Friends were involved include:

  • Asteraceae Garden stage I, 2014-15
  • Red Centre Garden 2013-14 - we funded the pavement artwork and also helped with planting
  • Grassy Woodland 2010-11 - we funded the signage and helped with planting
  • Rainforest fogging and lighting - over several years from 2004 to 2012
  • Spring Flower Display (daisies, fore-runner to Asteraceae Garden) 2008
  • Friends Cascade 2006
  • Macrozamias for main concourse and bottle trees for front entrance 2004
  • Ellis Rowan Garden redevelopment 2003
  • Palms for rainforest 2001 and 2003
  • Rock Garden extension 2002


A full list of projects in the Gardens that have been financially supported by the Friends, since our inception in 1990, is on this website.