A new crop in the Gardens

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Over the summer months Chris and Steve photographed birds of all sizes including many juveniles and nests. The ANBG provides a safe haven for birds with a range of habitats and plentiful sources of food and water.

Brown Goshawk  Photo: Steve Rogers

Brown Goshawk   Photo: Steve Rogers

Juvenile Brown Goshawk  Photo: Steve Rogers

Juvenile Brown Goshawk   Photo: Steve Rogers

Spotted Pardalote  Photo: Chris Rogers

Spotted Pardalote   Photo: Chris Rogers

Brown Thornbill  Photo: Chris Rogers

Brown Thornbill   Photo: Chris Rogers

Juvenile White-throated Gerygone  Photo: Steve Rogers Juvenile White-throated Gerygone  Photo: Steve Rogers


This can be a dangerous time for small birds and babies which need protection from predators such as the Brown Goshawk and the pesky Currawongs. The latter are always on the lookout for a meal and frequently attack smaller birds (as well as making a pest of themselves in the cafe). Don't confuse them with the beautiful White-winged Choughs which are often seen in groups turning over the leaf litter.

Among the birds recently photographed by Steve and Chris were the Yellow Robin, Grey Shrike-thrush, Brown Goshawk, Red-browed Finch, Silvereye, Treecreeper, Striated and Spotted Pardalote, Grey Fantail, Golden and Olive Whistlers, Thornbills, Bower Birds and Pallid Cuckoos.

If you would like to see for yourself bring your binoculars (or borrow a set from the Visitor Information Centre). You can also pick up a colour brochure Birds of the Australian National Botanic Gardens at the Visitor Centre for a gold coin donation.