Off the Beaten Track - Guided walks explore the Gardens

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Each month this year, Volunteer Guides will dedicate a week to specially-themed walks.

As well as their regular 11am walks, they will conduct additional 2pm walks during the theme week. These walks will all be free.

The theme for 14-20 June is 'Off the Beaten Track'.

A volunteer guide will take you to parts of the Gardens not frequently visited to see beautiful plants in out-of-the-way spots. Each walk will feature some examples of work done by Gardens staff to conserve our vulnerable, threatened, and endangered native plants, as well as plants currently in flower.

The special walk themes for the rest of 2021 are:

  • July 12-18   Plants from Gondwana (complementing the Megafauna on display)
  • August 9-15  Colour in Winter
  • August 30 - Sept 5   Wattle Walks (celebrating Wattle Week)
  • October 4-10 Spring Flower Walks
  • November 8-14  Fire and Water Walks

At other times, free guided walks take place at 11am each day, starting from the clock near the rainforest bridge to the cafe. We should also mention Flora Explorer minibus tours, starting at 11.30 on weekends (tickets can be purchased from the Bookshop).