Draft Minutes, 24th Annual General Meeting

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24th Annual General Meeting

Tuesday 25 September 2012, ANBG Theatrette

Draft Minutes

Item 1   Opening and Welcome

The President opened the meeting at 5.35pm and welcomed members present. 34 members signed the attendance sheets attached to these minutes.


Item 2   Apologies

Apologies were received from Kath Holtzapffel, Alan & Rana Munns, Linda Beveridge, Rosemary Purdie, Maureen Connolly, Mike Johnson, Trish Munroe and Glenys Bishop.


Item 3   Confirmation of minutes of 23rd Annual General Meeting

Copies of the minutes had been circulated

It was moved by John Connolly, seconded by Dennis Ayliffe that the minutes of the 23rd  AGM, held on  3rd November 2011 be taken as read and accepted.  Motion carried


Item 4   President’s Report

The President, David Coutts presented his report for the period since the 23rd  AGM, a copy of which is attached to these minutes.

The meeting received the President’s report on a motion moved by John Connolly, seconded by David Coutts. (John – I probably shouldn’t second my own report – I thought someone else did that but perhaps we could seek a volunteer if necessary).


Item 5   Treasurer’s report

Marion Jones tabled the audited financial statements for the Accounting Period 1 July 2011 to 30 June 2012. Copies were made available to members and are appended to the meeting minutes.

Adoption of the Treasurer’s Report was moved by Warwick Wright and seconded by David Coutts.


Marion Jones informed the AGM that the financial statements for the Public Fund had been audited and signed off by the Public Fund Committee.


Item 6   Report by Executive Director of ANBG

Dr Judy West presented her report to the meeting by way of a Powerpoint presentation.

Activities related to  the Implementation of the Management Plan, Conservation Partnerships and Interaction with the Friends were highlighted.  Dr West also made reference to some proposed future developments. She reported that visitor numbers in the year to the end of June were estimated at 449,000 with in excess of 12,000 school children visits.

Dr West’s report was received with applause


Item 7   Election of Office Bearers and Members of Council

The President informed the meeting that seven positions, three executive and 4 council, were vacant. The term of each of the positions was for two years.  He noted that Andy Rawlinson was not seeking re-election after serving two terms on Council and Glenys Bishop, co-ordinator of the Volunteer Guides, had nominated. The nominations received for these positions were:- 


President           David Coutts

Vice-President   Barbara Podger

Secretary          John Connolly

Councillors        Glenys Bishop

                         Anne Campbell

                         Lesley Jackman

                         Warwick Wright

As there was only one nomination for each of the vacant positions, no election was required and the President declared the candidates elected.


Item 8   Appointment of Auditor

Marion Jones moved that the auditor, GRL Accountants, be reappointed for the 2012/2013 financial year. The motion was seconded by John Connolly



Item 10   Other business

There was no other business.


The President closed the meeting at 6.45pm and invited members to stay for a talk by  Malcolm Thompson, Deputy Secretary of the Department of Sustainability, Environment, Water, Population and Communication and for the presentation of an artwork purchased by the Friends to the ANBG by the Friends Patron, Mr. Michael Bryce AM AE.