Treasurer's Report 2012 Annual General Meeting

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24th Annual General Meeting, 25 September 2012

Treasurer’s Report


I’m pleased to present the audited financial statements of the Friends for the period ended 30th June 2012.

This is the first full year of the new accounting period so comparatives are for only 9 month period – this doesn't make much material difference as virtually no memberships are received during the July to Sept period.

The membership figure looks considerably lower because of adjustments made last year to reflect more accurately memberships paid in advance.

The summer concert season was very successful and, as usual, was our greatest source of revenue apart from memberships.

The Art Exhibition was particularly successful this year making an overall profit from commission of $2,200.  This year the exhibition ran for a month and included Mothers Day for which some of the paintings already sold were replaced by other more “gently priced” works which proved very much in demand.  This year artwork was donated for a raffle and this, too, was a highly popular addition.

As well as the always popular Friends Annual Dinner, three very successful social events were run, Death in the Gardens, a Night Walk and our Royal Trivia Night and while fundraising was not the primary purpose, the events showed profits of about  $3000, $400 and $1100 respectively.

Thursday Talks, Plant Sales, Breakfast with the Birds and Guided Walks continue to be very well supported with donations and/or sales being a welcome additional source of income.

Expenditure on major projects for the year as outlined in the President’s Report totalled $93,800, which includes the final payment for the Alpine Project.

The Balance Sheet shows that we have accumulated funds of $351,868, a reduction of $15,000 from 30 June 2011.  Proposed expenditure in this next financial year has been outlined by the President and I am confident that the accounts are in a fit state to enable us to meet the aims of the Friends in the foreseeable future.

The Public Fund is similarly in a healthy position and although no projects were funded last year, we have committed to fund the additional $10K for signage for the Eucalypt Walk which we see as an important new feature of the gardens.  Another $10K has been approved to fund the installation of an interactive educational feature to be incorporated in the Red Centre Garden. Members are reminded that donations to the Public Fund are fully tax deductible and a most welcome addition to the ongoing support of the Gardens.


Marion Jones