Panel Discussion: Crop Wild Relatives and Genebanks

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Members of the Friends are invited to a free panel discussion at CSIRO Discovery Centre, Black Mountain, at 3-5 pm on 2 November 2016. The discussion will focus on the important role played by Crop Wild Relatives and the global system of genebanks in developing adaptation to the impacts of climate change. The panel will include:

  • Ms Maria Haga, Executive Director, the Global Crop Diversity Trust
  • The Hon Tim Fischer, former Deputy Prime Minister and Board Member of the Crop Trust
  • Dr Luigi Guarino, Director of Science & Programs at the Crop Trust

If you wish to attend, please note that you must RSVP by the close of business on 31 October to reserve your seat.

RSVP to with your name, organisation and any special dietary requirements.

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