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Ben and Ros Walcott in the Rock Garden                 Photo: David More
Ben and Ros Walcott in the Rock Garden Photo: David More

On your walks through the Gardens have you noticed the small numbered signs on stakes in front of spectacular flowering or fruiting plants? The numbers link to the plants photographed and described in the Flowers, Fruit and Foliage brochure available at the Visitor information Centre, which is produced every fortnight by our dedicated volunteers and great contributors to the Gardens, Ros and Ben Walcott.

You may well have seen Ben and Ros in the Gardens on Sundays and Wednesdays driving one of the electric vehicles on their mission to identify and photograph the next fortnight's plants. They have also supported the Gardens over the years with Ben's Thursday talks and making their beautiful garden in Red Hill available during Canberra's Open Gardens, contributing funds raised to the Friends.

To read more about the history of FF&F, until recently called In Flower this Week, please read on. A link to the latest FF&F is always available from the Home Page.

We are a diverse group of people who love and support our beautiful Gardens – the world’s largest collection of Australian native plants. We have an extensive program of talks, visits and social events. There are many opportunities for members and visitors to meet, learn, grow and enjoy the riches of this very special place. This website will help you find events that most interest you.

We were formed in 1990 as a community support group for the Gardens. Since then we have raised and spent over $¾ million on projects in the Gardens and now have 2200 members. And we support the Gardens in many other ways, such as leading guided walks to show visitors the wonders of the Gardens, and hands-on support of research programs.


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Your guide to what’s fresh and flowering in the Gardens now.

  Latest edition, 11 - 24 Apr 2018




A long queue of keen gardeners was lined up by 8:30, waiting for the Growing Friends to open shop. Some knew exactly what they wanted and some were happy for one of the ‘Ask me’ Growing Friends to make suggestions about what would be best to fill that gap in their garden. There was even someone who had moved out of a Mr Fluffy house and had to re-establish an entire garden. There were very few plants left when we closed 'the gates' at 11am. Whilst we could have sold more Banksias and Grevilleas, we had over-achieved in our propagation of Hakeas. However, the mix of plants is different in each sale, as we need to work with the material which is available in the gardens for us to use. More than $6,800 was raised, all of which will go towards Friends projects. And there will be plenty of plants for sale again by 10th November, when the spring plant sale will take place.
Monday, 9 April 2018
Want to get to know your Digital Camera better and take great photos? The Friends of the ANBG Photographic Group is running an introductory-level workshop for all Friends that could be just what you need! When & where: Saturday, 19 May 2018 - 9:00am to 4:00pm in the Crosbie Morrison building. Cost: $150.00 and must be a member of Friends of the ANBG. Booking: Please download and complete this form and return it by email, to the Visitor Information Centre, or by post.
Sunday, 25 March 2018
The Friends Botanical Art Groups are proud to present their annual exhibition in the Visitors Gallery from Saturday 17th March to Sunday 15th April. The exhibition comprises work using a variety of mediums including watercolour, coloured pencil, graphite and scraperboard. All artwork exhibited will portray native Australian plants, many of which can be found in the Gardens. This year we have had a special theme with many works featuring Threatened and Endangered Plants; these will be clearly marked. There will also be a selection of cards and bookmarks for sale, and a fund-raising raffle. All money from commissions on the sale of paintings and from the raffle will be donated to the Friends. 
Saturday, 24 March 2018
David Taylor, the Curator of Living Collections at the Gardens, has asked if the Friends can publicise the ANBG’s approach to tree management, being undertaken by the tree team, Dan, Anthony, Mark and Pete (returning soon) guided by Phil. As Dave notes, it can be difficult to see large trees go, but his hope is that knowing more about how the ANBG makes such decisions will allow better appreciation of the considered way this happens.
Wednesday, 14 March 2018
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