Photographic Competition for Students

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The Friends have run an annual photographic competition for school and college students for over two decades. It is a great way to encourage young people to express their appreciation of Australian native plants through artistic creativity. In doing so, young photographers have an opportunity to explore and enjoy these wonderful Botanic Gardens – the world’s most comprehensive collection of Australian cultivated plants.

The impact of COVID-19 led to the Friends suspending the competition between 2020 and 2023. In 2020 there was a retrospective exhibition of first-prize-winning entries from the past 23 years on show in November at the ANBG Visitor Centre Gallery. We are now delighted to announced that the competition will be held in 2024.

24th Photographic Competition for students

The competition is open to students attending Australian primary or secondary schools or colleges. It provides an excellent opportunity for students to become aware of the value and beauty of the ANBG and, by exercising their photographic skills, to share that beauty with other visitors.

Closing date: Friday 30th August 2024

All entries must be your digital photographs, taken in the ANBG between 30 August 2023 and 30 August 2024, featuring some aspect of the Gardens such as plants, wildlife or scenery.

Entries will be submitted online. Watch this space for further information about entry format and procedures.

Download the competition poster (PDF, 3.76 MB) and share it with your other friends and networks.

Entry categories

 Secondary schools  & colleges
 Years 7—12
  • Monochrome
  • Colour
  • Altered Reality for images that have been manipulated digitally or through dark room processes.

 Primary schools
 Years 1—6

  • Monochrome
  • Colour

Cropping, straightening, exposure adjustment and minor technical adjustments are permitted in all categories.

Each student is allowed one entry per category (up to 3 entries in total for secondary students and 2 entries for primary students).


Cash prizes will be awarded for places in each category:

  Award to student Award to school or college
 First Prize $250 $200
 Second Prize $150 $100
 Third Prize $100 $50

may also be presented. Prize winners’ schools will be awarded celebratory native plants, too.

Exhibition and awards

Prize-winning and selected other entries will be on display in the Banksia Garden of the Australian National Botanic Gardens from Saturday 28 September to Sunday 27 October 2024. The selected photographs will be exhibited at A3 size.

Presentation of prizes will be at 12 noon, Saturday 28 September 2024.

For further information please email:

2019 prizewinners

Prizes were awarded to the 2019 competition winners on Sunday 3 November by the judges Graham Gall and Jim Gould, members of the Friends of the ANBG Photography Group. Congratulations all!

Primary: Colour

House Made of Sticks
Samuel Wagner, Aranda Primary

1st - Primary Colour: Samuel Wagner

Butterfly Breeze
Lily Werner, Aranda Primary

2nd - Primary Colour: Lily Werner

Floral Firework
Hugo Potter, Maribynong Primary

3rd - Primary Colour: Hugo Potter


Primary: Monochrome

Alyse Rooney, Hawker Primary

1st - Primary Monochrome: Alyse Rooney


Secondary: Monochrome

Monochrome Bird
Ky Trotter, Canberra College

1st - Secondary Monochrome: Ky Trotter

Sun Baking
Erin Duncan, Canberra High School

2nd - Secondary Monochrome: Erin Duncan

Fading ln
Thomas Price, Canberra College

3rd - Secondary Monochrome: Thomas Price

Isobelle Laing, Telopea Park School

4th - Secondary Monochrome: Isobelle Laing

Monochrome 2
Jared Parsons, Dickson College

5th - Secondary Monochrome: Jared Parsons


Secondary: Colour

Riley Wilson, Canberra High School

1st - Secondary Colour: Riley Wilson

Looking at Me
Netti Nguyen, Canberra High School

2nd - Secondary Colour: Netti Nguyen

Cameron Colebrook, UCSSC Lake Ginninderra

3rd - Secondary Colour: Cameron Colebrook

Nature's Favourite
Ellen Johnson, Canberra High School

4th - Secondary Colour: Ellen Johnson

Foggy Love
Imogen O’Brien, Canberra High School

5th - Secondary Colour: Imogen O'Brien


Secondary: Altered Reality

Dripping Bottle Brush
Amy Lancaster, UCSSC Lake Ginninderra

1st - Altered Reality: Amy Lancaster

Waltz of the Flowers
Roberta Vagnarelli, Canberra High School

2nd - Altered Reality: Roberta Vagnarelli

Virtual Nature
Isabella Quan, Erindale College

3rd - Altered Reality: Isabella Quan

Cloudless Day Orange Sand
William Loughton, Canberra College

4th - Altered Reality: William Loughton

Cameron Colebrook, UCSSC Lake Ginninderra

5th - Altered Reality: Cameron Colebrook


Schools of first and second prize winners

Hawker Primary Primary: Monochrome – 1st
Aranda Primary Primary: Colour – 1st and 2nd
Canberra College Secondary: Monochrome – 1st
Canberra High School
Secondary: Monochrome – 2nd
Colour – 1st and 2nd
Altered Reality – 2nd
UCSSC Lake Ginninderra Secondary: Altered Reality – 1st

Previous competition prizewinners

Prize-winning and highly-commended photos from recent competitions are available here online. Click on an image to see a larger version.









Flyer for 2024 competition








Inquiries about the competition can be emailed to: