2016 Schools Photographic Competition

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2016 Photographic Competition for ACT and Queanbeyan Region High Schools and Colleges

The 2016 entries were judged by Ken Crawford, with assistance from Laurie Westcott.

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First Prize Winners

Altered Images
Aaron Robilliard, Dickson College
"Double Dragon"

1st - Altered Images: Aaron Robilliard

Rushan Tucker, Dickson College
"Garden Landscape"

1st - Colour: Rushan Tucker

Zoe Azzopardi, Karabar High School
"Pathway to peace"

1st - Monochrome: Zoe Azzopardi

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Second Prize Winners

Altered Images
Errol Steed, Dickson College
"Oh No!"

2nd - Altered Images: Errol Steed

Helena Nguyen Doan, Canberra High School

2nd - Colour: Helena Nguyen Doan

Mitchell Braithwaite, Dickson College
"The Perspective is Key"

2nd - Monochrome: Mitchell Braithwaite

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Third Prize Winners

Altered Images
Shaylah McClymont, Canberra High School
"Capture the Garden"

3rd - Altered Images: Shaylah McClymont

Casey Myers, Canberra High School
"Look Closer"

3rd - Colour: Casey Myers

Helena Nguyen Doan, Canberra High School

3rd - Monochrome: Helena Nguyen Doan

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Fourth Prize Winners

Altered Images
Aaron Hilborn, St Mary MacKillop College
"Sitting Pretty"

4th - Altered Images: Aaron Hilborn

Josie Lutze, Canberra High School
"Hi there!"

4th - Colour: Josie Lutze

Emily Huynh, Trinity Christian School

4th - Monochrome: Emily Huynh

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Fifth Prize Winners

Altered Images
Harrisson Davies, Marist College

5th - Altered Images: Harrisson Davies

Caitlin Johnstone, Canberra High School
"Nesting place"

5th - Colour: Caitlin Johnstone

Kristen Zeller, Canberra College
"Gentle Flow"

5th - Monochrome: Kristen Zeller

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