Support for the Gardens

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The main aim of the Friends is to support the Gardens. We do this through both practical and financial means.

Financial support

Financial support is a very important part of the Friends’ work for the Gardens. Since the Friends formed in 1990 we have contributed $1.3 million through projects and grants. More projects are in the pipeline.

The Friends raise funds through an active program of fundraising activities including Growing Friends plant sales, Summer Concerts and other events; and through donations to the Public Fund.

We try to spread our financial support across as wide a range as possible of the Gardens’ roles and functions: horticulture, scientific research, aesthetic and visitor experience.

More about financial support for the Gardens, and our process for identifying and assessing potential projects for funding.

The Public Fund

The Public Fund was established in 2004 as a way for the Friends to receive tax-deductible donations.

The Public Fund seeks donations to finance worthwhile projects within the Gardens; projects of the kind that could not be financed from the Gardens’ budget. A brochure giving details of the Public Fund is available from the Visitors Centre.

You can easily donate to the Public Fund online, and pay by credit card, direct bank deposit or cheque as you prefer.

More about the Public Fund and projects completed with its support.

The Fund is set up under the Commonwealth Tax Deductibility Scheme for Environmental Organisations. The Australian Department of the Environment has issued Guidelines for the scheme. A Trust Deed dated 3 May 2004 authorises the Friends of the ANBG Public Fund. Part 11 of the Friends Constitution sets out the legal basis for the Fund.

Practical support

Volunteering at the Gardens is very rewarding and great fun. For an overview of opportunities to get involved in Friends activities and the life of the Gardens, see Volunteering at the ANBG.

Visitor Information Centre

Since June 2013 volunteers, drawn from the Friends, have provided visitor services in the Visitor Information Centre between 10am and 3pm each weekday. The volunteers meet and greet people as they arrive, and assist them to get the most out of their experience at the Gardens.

The Volunteer Visitor Information Program was introduced primarily to improve and expand the customer service provided to visitors to the Visitor Information Centre. It has developed into a most rewarding opportunity for a number of volunteers and is freeing up staff resources for other essential functions in the Gardens.

The Volunteer Visitor Information Program is now being evaluated to lead to further improvements for the Gardens, the volunteers and, most of all, the visitors.

Guided walks

Guided walks through the Gardens help visitors to see and understand the beauty of Australia's native flora, as well as the ideas and effort involved in creating, maintaining and developing the Gardens. The Volunteer Guide Service is a joint program of the Gardens and the Friends of the Gardens. More about guided walks.

Flora Explorer mini-bus tours

Flora Explorer, a 12-seater electric vehicle, is funded and operated by the Friends. It takes visitors on a one-hour guided journey to discover the Gardens’ highlights. People of all ages – young and old – can easily experience more remote areas of the Gardens that they may never have seen before. More about Flora Explorer tours.

Teresa Pwerle with her artwork Grandmother's Country. Photo: Peter Byron
Teresa Purla McKeeman (Teresa Pwerle) with her artwork Grandmother's Country. Photo: Peter Byron






Grandmother's Country, by Teresa Purla McKeeman (Teresa Pwerle), is at the centre of the new Red Centre Garden. The striking laser-cut steel and grout work, 5.6 m square, was commissioned by the Friends in our largest-ever single expenditure.