ANBG Friends-funded projects

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One of the major objectives of the Friends of the Australian National Botanic Gardens is to raise funding for projects to support all aspects of the Gardens roles. The following table provides a summary listing of all projects funded by the Friends over the period from 2000 to the present. This includes projects financed by the Friends' tax-deductible Public Fund. Projects are listed for the year when they were completed. Information on projects approved by Friends' Council and not yet completed is on the Financial Support webpage.


Year Description $
2020-21 Banksia Garden 1867
  Artworks and photographs 1825
  Norfolk Island PhD scholarship 14000
  Australian Research Council: Thermal tolerance for arid and alpine plants 12000
  Voice amplifiers for educators and guides 4500
  Smartboard for Celia Rosser Room 7580
  Microscopes for students 10225
  Banksia Garden Interpretive signage (Public Fund) 8611
  International speaker at the Australian Seed Science Conference (Public Fund) 6878
2019-20 Banksia Garden 71338
  Banksia Interpretive signage (Public Fund) 2350
  Find a Plant app 13636
  Gift for Gardens from Photographic Exhibition 370
  Hearing Loop in Theatrette 7645
  Norfolk Island Grant to Leah Dann 24545
  Thermal Tolerance of Australian Native Plants 25000
  Video Wall and Film in foyer 52143
  Seed Bank Exhibition (Public Fund) 8826
  Summer Concerts Donation 33500
2018-19 Ex situ conservation of Macadamia jansenii (Public Fund) 3000
  Equipment enabling Seedbank volunteers (Public Fund) 9680
  X-ray assessment of legacy collections of National Seed Bank (Public Fund) 15200
  Artwork gifts to Gardens from BAG  and photographic exhibitions 1185
  Banksia Garden 26758
  Carramar Koala 5000
  Conservatory Interpretation consultant 18600
  Eucalypt Trail (revamp) 3438
  Norfolk Island PhD volunteers 1134
  Paperbark Treehouse plaque 1330
  Summer Concert Donation 15000
  Guide Conference Support 5800
2017-18 Treehouse 164778
  Treehouse (Public Fund) 40000
  Landscaping for Treehouse 35420
  Replacement of mobility scooters 8298
  Artwork gift for Gardens from BAG exhibition 480
  Threatened Species project 12826
  Lichen Digitisation project (Public Fund) 10000
  Rainforest species collection (Public Fund) 5000
  Restoration of Florilegium prints 1300
  Summer Concerts Donation 15000
  Botanical Intern vouchers 900
  Schools Photo Competition prizes 2675
  Gift for Gardens from Photographic exhibition 435
2016-17 Theatrette, new video projector 7592
  Stereo display microscope in Visitor Centre 10000
  Schools Photo Competition prizes 2675
  Library books grant 2500
  Botanical Intern vouchers 576
  Threatened Species project 12893
  Artwork gift for Gardens from BAG exhibition 750
  Summer Concerts Donation 15000
2015-16 Aboriginal Plant Use Trail (Public Fund) 10665
  Seed Bank Drying Cabinet 16395
  Support Seed Bank volunteers to National Seed Science Forum 1000
  Roger Good Alpine Fund 1000
  Botanic Resource Centre, new computer 600
  Schools Photo Competition prizes 2330
  Guides Conference support 3000
  Botanical Intern vouchers 790
  Library Books grant 485
  Artwork gift for Gardens from BAG exhibition 780
  Summer Concerts Donation 15000
2014-15 Alpine Research Project symposium report 1250
  Staff field trip, threatened & endangered plants 4000
  Asteraceae Garden development, Stage 1 13010
  Rainforest and Red Centre Garden Lighting 35000
  Seed Bank Freezer (Public Fund) 7425
  Seed Counter (Public Fund) 14440
  Botanical Intern Vouchers 720
  Schools Photo Competition prizes 2780
  Replace garden beds for Growing Friends 7510
  Library Books grant 1940
  Treehouse feasibility study 6500
  Artwork gift for Gardens from BAG exhibition 820
  Summer Concerts Donation 31146
2013-14 Red Centre Garden artwork 28741
  Bush Capital Celebration 550
  Artwork gift for Gardens from BAG exhibition 700
  Botanical Intern vouchers 790
  Schools photo competition prizes 3110
  Audio system for Flora Explorer 3700
  Library Books grant 1102
  Guides conference support 2500
  Glasshouse interpretive signs 2800
  Termite Mound in Red Centre Garden (Public Fund) 4320
  Eucalypt Trail Brochure (Public Fund) 443
  Guides uniforms 1230
  Summer Concerts Donation 11920
2012-13 Theatrette equipment: data projector, computer, screen 8957
  Seed Bank equipment 30673
  Artwork gift for Gardens from BAG exhibition 200
  Schools photo competition prizes 2743
  Eucalypt Discovery Walk (grant from Dahl Trust) 11950
  Eucalypt Discovery Walk signage (Public Fund) 2233
  Water Station 5313
  Termite Mound in Red Centre Garden (Public Fund) 6480
  Aboriginal Plant Use Trail (Public Fund) 594
  Red Centre Garden Artwork 86784
  Botanical Intern Vouchers 432
  Summer Concerts Donation 10250
2011-12 Display banners, for Gardens & Friends 7300
  Climate Watch Trail Signage 2731
  Artwork: gift for Gardens from annual BAG exhibition 600
  Birds of ANBG booklet 8000
  Flora Explorer electrically powered people mover 33655
  Rainforest Lighting 30000
  Botanical Intern vouchers 630
  Schools photo competition prizes 2600
  Guides conference support 3000
  Alpine research project stage 3 22245
1 Jan 2010 - Wattle Day Exhibition 3600
- 30 June 2011 Gardens Souvenir booklet 16800
(see Note below) Botanical Intern vouchers 630
  Lace Exhibition 1850
    In Flower this Week signage 1700
  Crosbie Morrison Amphitheatre shelter 47300
  Section 175 (Grassy Woodland) signage 8550
  Alpine research project, stage 2 22000
  Orchid Display, Visitor Centre foyer 5500
  Guides conference & uniforms 2700
  Botanical Intern vouchers 690
  Schools photographic competition prizes 3400
  Clock to publicise guided walks 1300
  Australian Lichen Website (Public Fund) 14820
  Environmental Monitoring System (Public Fund) 49000
2009 Canvas for Growing Friends work area 1200
  Fogging system extension 14200
  Alpine research project, stage 1 22000
  Botanical Intern vouchers 630
  Schools photo competition prizes 2200
2008 Botanical Resource Centre 4750
  Exhibition panels VIC 1400
  Schools photo competition prizes 3000
  Spring Flower display 7000
  Guides Conference support 2700
2007 Growing Friends’ tank 2500
  BGANZ Conference sponsorship 2500
  Schools photo competition prizes 3000
  Rock Garden Lawn Shelter (Public Fund) 38360
  Sydney Basin seat (Public Fund) 1500
2006 Friends Cascades project 17000
  Staff bursary, D Douglass snake study 3000
  Schools photo competition prizes 3000
2005 Library book 550
  Fungi website project 4350
  Bryophyte website project 6530
  Sponsorship BGANZ conference 1500
  Natural water enhancement project 3000
  Schools photo competition prizes 3000
2004 Fogging system 4500
  Electric scooters for disabled visitors 4200
  Macrozamia moorei project 5800
  Bottle Tree project 8500
  Schools photo competition prizes 3000
2003 Schools photo competition prizes 2900
  Palms for Rainforest Gully 6600
  Photo enlargements 575
  'I Spy' project, Education Centre 820
  Framing photos, ANBG collection 720
  Prototype for children’s self guided walk 3000
  Stereo microscopes, Education Centre 1500
  Refrigerator for plant propagation 600
  Electric scooters for disabled visitors 4000
  Sponsorship BGANZ conference 2000
  Redevelopment s131, Ellis Rowan Garden 5000
2002 Sponsor PNG delegate to Botanic Gardens International Congress Sydney 3000
  Rock garden project 8000
  Ferns and palms for rainforest gully 8500
2001 Ferns and palms for rainforest gully 5000
  Enhancement of ANBG macrofungi website 4900
  2nd payment bursary: A Joyce 1880
  Sydney Basin seating 4500
  Sponsorship  (Gardens Conference) 3000
  'The Banksias' by Celia Rosser: book for Library 3300
  Staff bursary: M Garratt 2000
  Palms project 5000
  'Art in the ANBG' consultancy 5000
  Guides conference support 3500
  'Fungi' website project 4900
before 2001 Enlargement and framing of ANBG photos 720
  Printing of aboriginal food posters 2725
  Initial payment, staff bursary: A Joyce 1100
  Electric scooter for use by disabled visitors 1450
  Staff bursary: A Lyne 2000
  Sundial for Rock Garden Lawn 4000
  Screenprinting for conference 1450
  '300 years of Botanical Illustration' book for library 250

Note: This 18 month period is inserted to allow the table, from here on, to report on a financial year basis, rather than calendar year. This was done, in part, because the Friends' financial year changed at this time and it became too unwieldy to continue reporting on calendar years.