Friends Cascades

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Friends Cascades

The Friends Cascades were opened on 27 August 2006 by Dr Robert Boden, a former Director of the Gardens. The Friends paid $17,000 for the project. 

The project was initially the idea of Kaiya Chatto, at the time a horticulturalist in the Gardens. She proposed installing flowform bowls to form a cascade to oxygenate and revitalise the water in the pond below the Visitor Centre and so provide better ecological functioning of the pond. The Cascades replaced a creek bed which had flowed into the pond. That reticulating system had to be turned off in 2003 due to a water leak in the creek bed. 

The flowform bowls were installed to simulate the swirls and movements of water in a natural stream. The individual bowls are set at varying angles to provide different effects in the water flow, with a combination of strong and gentle movements. Watch closely the water flow through any individual bowl and you will see how the flow pattern constantly changes.                                          

Kaiya Chatto speaking at Cascades Launch 2006                       

standing at centre rear, Jim Croft, Acting Director ANBG

to his right, seated, Dr Robert Boden, former ANBG Director

to his right, seated, Andrew Walker, President, Friends of the ANBG


Friends Cascades today


Modified from an article by Barbara Podger in the Friends Newsletter of November 2006