2017 Schools Photographic Competition

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2017 Photographic Competition for ACT and Queanbeyan Region High Schools and Colleges

The 280 entries in 2017 were judged by Ms Helen McFadden of the Canberra Photographic Society.

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First Prize Winners

Elise Kellett, Dickson College

1st – Monochrome: Elise Kellett

Amanda Joyner, Canberra College
"The Garden in Zoom"

1st – Colour: Amanda Joyner

Altered images
Alexei Salpeter, Canberra College
"Wattle Cubism"

1st – Altered images: Alexei Salpeter

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Second Prize Winners

Heather Duncan, Canberra College
"A Bugs Life"

2nd – Monochrome: Heather Duncan

Elise Kellett, Dickson College

2nd – Colour: Elise Kellett

Altered images
Tegan Hanrahan, Canberra College
"Distort Waterfall"

2nd – Altered images: Tegan Hanrahan

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Third Prize Winners

Aidan Warland, Mt Stromlo High School
"Spots Before Me"

3rd – Monochrome: Aidan Warland

Harry Egerton, Canberra College

3rd – Colour: Harry Egerton

Altered images
Jaz Logan, Mt Stromlo High School
"Fern Face"

3rd – Altered images: Jaz Logan

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Fourth Prize Winners

Diana Morton, Canberra High School
"Grey Giant"

4th – Monochrome: Diana Morton

Jeremy Markwick, Mt Stromlo High School
"Late Lunch"

4th – Colour: Jeremy Markwick

Altered images
Imogen Rayner, Canberra High School
"Heart of Australia"

4th – Altered images: Imogen Rayner

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Fifth Prize Winners

Abbie Don, UCSSC Lake Ginninderra
"Rainy Garden"

5th – Monochrome: Abbie Don

Saskia Shepherd, Canberra High School

5th – Colour: Saskia Shepherd

Altered images
Jacinta Jackson, UCSSC Lake Ginninderra
"Imma Queen"

5th – Altered images: Jacinta Jackson

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