New Friends' project in the Gardens

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A recent Friends project: Asteraceae Garden (Photo: Murray Fagg ANBG)
A recent Friends project: Asteraceae Garden (Photo: Murray Fagg ANBG)

Planning is now getting underway for a new project to be supported by the Friends. Two areas of the melaleuca swamp area have been selected as possible sites for a commission to create a ‘unique, magical, whimsical site-specific gazebo among the trees’, to be elevated within the vegetation or tree canopy level.

The gazebo will provide an informal wildlife-watching platform within the canopy for early morning bird watchers and walkers, and a resting place and shelter from the heat or rain. It is also planned as a place of imagination and delight for children visiting the Gardens.

Work is expected to begin late in 2015 and the project should run for about 18 months. 

This is the latest in a very long line of projects that the Friends have supported over the years. They range from the modest costs involved with the purchase of books for the ANBG library to much larger expenditures on Flora Explorer, lighting in the Rainforest Gully and the Red Centre Garden, and also the dazzling pavement art that you can see in the Red Centre Garden.  Click here for a very informative list of the ways Friends’ money has been spent in the Gardens since 2000.