Access to Visitor Centre and Theatrette during re-paving work

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Access to the Visitor Centre and Theatrette will be affected from Tuesday 8 May for several days, because of re-paving works between the entrances to the two buildings.

The work has been delayed by unforeseen problems with the concrete footing. Re-paving will now be done Tuesday 8 and Wed 9 May, with no access on those days through the automatic doors to either the Administration building or the Visitor Centre. This means:

  • no access to either building from the southern side (bollards end);
  • limited access via the Theatrette side door for emergency egress, and for one booking for the Dickson Room after hours on the Tuesday;
  • access into the Visitor Centre via the door to the north into the exhibition space.

From Thursday 10 May there will be pedestrian access to both buildings, including access to the Theatrette for the Thursday talk at 12:30pm. There will be no access for vehicles until further notice.