Library Connect, August 2018

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Cover of Friends Library Connect, August 2018
Friends Library Connect, August 2018

The August 2018 edition of Library Connect (PDF, 625 kB) includes:

  • Australian Bryozoa Volume 1: Biology, Ecology and Natural History and Volume 2: Taxonomy of Australian Families describe Australia’s 1200 known species of bryozoans, the richest diversity of bryozoans of any country in the world. Bryozoa are aquatic animals that form colonies of connected individuals. They take a variety of forms: some are bushy and moss-like, some are flat and encrusting and others resemble lace. Bryozoans are mostly marine, with species found in all oceans from sublittoral to abyssal depths, but freshwater species also exist.
  • Articles about the ANBG:
    • Seed conservation techniques training at Kakadu
    • Banksia vincentia conservation
  • Other new books:
    • Characterization and classification of the Musa AAB Plantain subgroup in the Congo Basin / J. Adheka Giria & E. De Langhe
    • Flora Photography / Steve Parish
    • Margaret Mee’s Amazon: Diaries of an Artist Explorer / Margaret Mee
    • Hydrology and biodiversity of Nee Soon freshwater swamp forest / Singapore Botanic Gardens
  • Featured e-journal: Nature NSW
  • From the ANBG archive: ‘Views of Canberra’ Playing Cards