Heino Lepp ‘From agarikon to Agaricus’

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Thursday, 28 February 2019 - 12:30pm

Heino Lepp ‘From agarikon to Agaricus’

Heino, a Scientific Associate at the Australian National Herbarium, will talk about the modern genus of fungus Agaricus and demonstrate how different it was to the Greek fungal name agarikon, and how over 1700 years it became Agaricus.


Heino, is a Scientific Associate at the Australian National Herbarium. The modern genus name Agaricus is derived from the Greek fungal name agarikon. However, the species of Agaricus are quite different to what was known as agarikon.  Heino will look at how (over about 1,700 years) agarikon became Agaricus - and there might be the odd diversion or two.


Heino Lepp is an Australian National Botanic Gardens (ANBG) Associate at Centre for Australian National Biodiversity Research and an Honorary Research Fellow, Cryptogam Collections at the Australian National Herbarium.

Heino is a Scientific Associate of the Australian National Herbarium, curating the Fungi Collection and undertaking associated research projects. He also assists with public identifications of fungi.

Heino has produced several websites on cryptogams with financial assistance from the Friends of ANBG: