Damian Wrigley ‘Australian Seed Bank Partnership’

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Thursday, 8 August 2019 - 12:30pm

Damian, from the Australian Seed Bank Partnership (ASBP), will outline how the ASBP is contributing to global conservation efforts and will give an update on the Seed Science Forum to be held at the ANBG in 2020.


Internationally there is a groundswell of individuals, organisations and governments contributing to discourse on the Sustainable Development Goals and many other international conventions and strategies for biodiversity conservation. The Australian Seed Bank Partnership is doing its part by securing Australia’s diverse botanical wealth through ex situ seed conservation and research. The Partnership is delivered through a collaboration of botanic gardens and conservation organisations with a strong focus on delivering against the targets of the Global Strategy for Plant Conservation. We believe viability of long-term seed collections and their availability to the botanic gardens and conservation communities is dependent on the science behind each taxa. In April 2020 the ANBG will host the ASBP’s Seed Science Forum which will invite national and international seed scientists across various sectors to share their knowledge and collaborate on future seed science projects.


Damian Wrigley is the National Coordinator of the Australian Seed Bank Partnership. He coordinates national and international ex-situ seed conservation, capacity building and research collaborations on behalf of the Partnership. Damian provides support to the Council of Heads of Australian Botanic Gardens (CHABG) to deliver better outcomes for plant conservation throughout Australia. Since 2017 Damian has been Australia’s National Focal Point for the Global Strategy for Plant Conservation, liaising with the international botanical and plant conservation communities to support and raise awareness of the importance of plant conservation. Previously the Knowledge Broker for the National Environmental Science Program, Damian has over ten years’ experience in biodiversity conservation policy and environmental science with Commonwealth and state government agencies.