Library Connect, May 2019

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Library Connect May 2019
Library Connect May 2019

The May 2019 edition of Library Connect (PDF, 360 kb) incudes:

  • Library and Information Week 2019 (20 to 26 May)
  • Seed Bank helps Rare Queensland Rainforest Species
  • Congratulations to Dr Lydia Guja from the National Seed Bank for an article on Pomaderris
  • A Selection of New Books:
    • Cambridgeshire's Mosses and Liverworts: a Dynamic Flora / CD Preston and MO Hill
    • Your Backyard Birds: Understanding the Behaviours, Habits and Needs of our Brilliant Birds / Dr Grainne Cleary
    • Flora of the Hunter Region: Endemic Trees and Larger Shrubs / Stephen Bell, Christine Rockley & Anne Llewellyn
    • Dictionary of Botanical Names / Don Perrin
    • Recovering Australian Threatened Species: a book of hope /  Stephen Garnett, Peter Latch, David Lindenmayer & John Woinarski (eds.)
    • Australian Bush Superfoods / Lily Alice & Thomas O’Quinn
    • Darwin's Most Wonderful Plants / Ken Thompson
  • Featured e-journal: Australasian Journal of Environmental Management
  • From the ANBG Archive: Postcard