Growing Friends 2019 Spring Native Plant Sale

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The Growing Friends of the Australian National Botanic Gardens will hold their Spring Sale this year on Saturday 9 November, from 8:30 am to 11:00 am. All proceeds from this boutique sale go to support the Gardens. It will be held in the car park adjacent to the Banks and Crosbie Morrison buildings.

As usual, we have a wide range of plants available. 

Some of these are plants are valued by the Canberra gardener for their usefulness as screen plants and also for attracting bees and butterflies.  For example, the leptospermums or Tea Trees. There are several varieties of these, including Leptospermum ‘Aphrodite’, a hardy, gorgeous shrub with bright pink flowers.


                                                                                                     Leptospermum 'Aphrodite'. Photo: Murray Fagg

Other interesting screen plants include the westringias and again we have several available. These respond well to pruning to shape into a hedge. Callistemons also make good screens.  Nectar-eating birds, butterflies and bees love them.  Callistemon ‘Purple Splendour’, with its brilliant purple heads would be a beautiful addition to the home garden.


                                                                Westringia fruticosa 'Smokie'. Photo: Murray Fagg      Callistemon 'Purple Splendour'. Photo: Murray Fagg

The uniquely Australian prostantheras, Mint Bushes, have strongly aromatic leaves and give off a minty aroma when brushed against – great near pathways.  Prostantheras are reasonably fast growing and are one of the few plants that do well when planted under established trees. There are lots of varieties of prostanthera available.


                                                                                                     Prostanthera incana. Photo: Murray Fagg

There are several varieties of bird-attracting  banksias available, including some small cultivars, Banksia spinulosa 'Birthday Candles' and Banksia spinulosa ' Stumpy Gold' and the large shrub, Banksia 'Giant Candles'


         Banksia spinulosa  'Birthday Candles' Photo: Murray Fagg           Banksia spinulosa 'Stumpy Gold' Photo: Murray Fagg                    Banksia 'Giant Candles' Photo: Murray Fagg


There will be several different, very pretty plants from the asteraceae (Daisy) family available, including the very hardy, local, medium sized bush, Olearia phlogopappa (Dusty Daisy-bush, Alpine Daisy-bush),  the Paper Daisy or Everlasting Daisy, Xerochrysum bracteatum , which is excellent for a display of massed colour, for floral work  and for long-lasting , dried flowers;  and a brachyscome which has not been propagated by the Growing Friends in recent times,  Brachyscome iberidifolia,  the Swan River Daisy – a colourful Western Australian annual groundcover or rockery plant.


 Xerochrysum bracteatum Photo: Mcwhirter, A.           Olearia phlogopappa Photo: Fagg, M.   Olearia phlogopappa Photo: Fagg, M.    Brachyscome iberidifolia Photo: Fagg, M.

The range of plants available will cater for gardeners with large, small, courtyard or balcony gardens, for gardeners looking for functional solutions in the garden, those wanting to enhance the beauty, diversity and aroma of the garden, or those wanting to provide habitat for butterflies, birds and bees.