Growing Friends Autumn 2019 Sale

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The Growing Friends’ 2019 Autumn sale was a record breaker – 1,400 plants for sale and takings of $7942, all of which will go towards Friends’ projects.

Canberra’s native plant growers were queued up well before the barriers went down at 8:30. Many of them had read the sale lists closely and had a good idea of what they wanted. There were other hopefuls who were looking for ‘something that will grow in Canberra clay and not need watering’. There are such plants, but they all need watering until they are established.

Once again, we would not be as successful as we are if we did not get the excellent support that the Gardens' staff give us.  This ranges from the people who help us select cutting material to propagate, the nursery area which provides us with potting mixture and the Rangers who prepare our meeting rooms each month and the Banks building car park for our sale.