Friends contribute to the Gardens cleanup

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John Turbull working with rake                 Photo: Steve Galliford
John Turbull working with rake Photo: Steve Galliford

Many Friends were keen to help with the cleanup after the hailstorm of January 20. Paths and garden beds were covered in shredded leaves and branches resulting in a huge workload for gardens staff to clear it enough to invite visitors return. Registered volunteers from groups such as the Guides, Seed Bank volunteers and Visitor Centre volunteers, who are are fully covered by insurance for undertaking this type of work, were invited to don safe working clothes and pick up a rake on two mornings since the storm, one concentrating on the area around Banks walk and the cafe, and the other on the Eucalyptus lawn. About 25 volunteers proved a willing and effective work group, keeping the gardens staff busy removing piles of leaves and sticks to be shredded and reused on the Gardens.

Volunteers and staff together       Photo: Steve Galliford     Warwick Wright loads a truck           Photo: Steve Galliford

Photos: Steve Galliford