Thursday Talks - alternatives during the COVID-19 pandemic

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Due to COVID-19 pandemic Thursday Talks will not be live in the theatrette for the remainder of 2020, however the ANBG and the Friends are exploring ways that may present an opportunity for some talks to be made available online.

This decision has been made by the ANBG and the Friends’ Council due to social distancing requirements and the small nature of the theatrette.

The talks that the Committee had arranged for September through to November included:

  • Panel discussion on ANBG perspectives – 50th anniversary of the Gardens
  • Jane Black (ANBG Librarian) – ANBG art show in Canberra
  • Dr Arnagretta Hunter (Cardiologist) – Climate change and health
  • Dr Prame Chopra (Geophysist) – Melting ice and rising seas: how much and how fast
  • Dr Judy West (Executive Director, ANBG) – ANBG and its 50th anniversary
  • Dr Patrick de Decker (Emeritus Professor, ANU) – 200 years of data for Lake George: facts, myths and legends
  • Dr Stuart Rae (Visitor, ANU) – The Little Eagle
  • Lindy Butcher and Corin Pennock (ACT Wildlife) – ACT Wildlife and its wombat program
  • Nancy Tingey (founder of Painting with Parkinsons)– 25 years in the Garden – the story of painting with Parkinsons
  • Peter Byron (General Manager, ANBG) and Joe McAuliffe (Nursery Supervisor, ANBG) – The design of the ANBG conservatory and the plants it will house
  • Anthony Whalen and Anna Fuchs (ANBG) – Global alignment of biodiversity informatics systems
  • Brett Howland (ACT Government) – recent research
  • Ian Walker (ACT Conservator for Flora and Fauna) – Climate resilient environments and communities


The Committee is in touch with all the speakers who had agreed to speak in 2020 and are busy rescheduling their presentation where possible for 2021.

To our Thursday Talk audience, take care, and we will be back in 2021 with a full and interesting program.

Thursday Talks Committee