Guided Walks to resume in the Gardens

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Monday, 17 August 2020 - 11:00am to 12:00pm

Regular guided walks will resume from 17 August after being cancelled for many months due to COVID-19. A lot has happened in the Gardens over the last 6 months and there is little evidence now of the terrible damage done during the hailstorm in January. The new Banksia Garden is open to visitors although some of the planting is being delayed until more favourable conditions return in Spring.

Initially guided walks will be limited to the 11.00am walk only, and walk numbers will be strictly limited to 2 family groups with a maximum of 10 people, Strict social distancing will apply and walks will be planned to accommodate this. Walks will start under the clock near the rainforest bridge.

From 17th to the 23rd August brighten your winter day and discover the spectacular colours of leaves, bark, flowers and seeds in the Gardens on a Colour in Winter walk, while from 29th August to the 6th September you can join a Volunteer Guide on a Wattle Walk and hear about their symbolism and cultural history of the beautiful flower which is our national floral emblem.