Life Members 2020

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The 32nd Annual General Meeting of the Friends was held on Thursday 15 October 2020, at the Shine Dome.

By tradition, Life Memberships are awarded at each AGM to honour the distinguished service of members of the Friends.

In this 30th anniversary year of the Friends, life memberships were awarded to four Friends for their contributions:
(l to r) Lesley Harland, Marion Jones, Anne Rawson and Barbara Podger.

2020 Life members: Lesley Harland, Marion Jones, Anne Rawson and Barbara Podger (Photo: Brian Moir)

Lesley Harland receives her award from Max Bourke

Lesley Harland

Lesley has been a Friend for 30 years, being one of the original members with a Household Membership number 24. She commenced with the Memberships team in 2008, sometimes with a second person assisting over the years but sometimes on her own. Every Tuesday since 2008 (apart from 4 weeks mid-December to mid-January each year), she has led the processing of member applications and Public Fund donations, as well as replying to emails from members and the Treasurer and promptly following up any queries. During the particularly busy membership renewal period of about 8 weeks during October and November of each year, she leads the process twice a week. Her knowledge of the membership process is unsurpassed.

Lesley has also been an active participant in the Plant Science Group over many years. She is also a very supportive member of the Friends IT Working Group that is searching for a new software package for online membership and updating the member’s database.

Marion with her award

Marion Jones

Marion was Treasurer for Friends of ANBG between February 2010 and February 2016.

As a volunteer guide between 2008 and 2020, she made outstanding contributions to the Friends’ Breakfast/Wake Up with the Birds walks, to Guides’ learning activities and the development of themed walks, and as a Flora Explorer driver.

Marion is also an active and enthusiastic contributor to many other Friends activities.

Barbara Podger

Barbara Podger

Barbara has been a member of Friends since early 2000s. She has been a Member of the Fronds Committee since 2008 and shares responsibility for its preparation and publication.

Between 2007 and 2012 Barbara was Vice President of the Council of the Friends of ANBG. She has also been a Member and Chairperson of the Public Fund for a number of years.

Barbara has been a guide for more than 20 years, mentored many new guides and coordinated Flora Explorer since its inception. She has also been a member of the Social Events and Activities Committee for many years, which has included coordinating volunteers at many public events organized jointly by this Committee and the Gardens. She also continues to contribute to many other Friends’ activities.

Anne Rawson

Anne Rawson

Anne has worked on Fronds for at least 15 years, since before it was called “Fronds”.  She joined the team when Barry Brown, who was an employee at the ANBG, ceased doing the design and layout of the Friends newsletter.  Anne took over the design and layout role, working with Andrew Walker, Elizabeth Bilney and Anne Phillips.

Although Pam Rooney took over the design and layout role in 2016, Anne Rawson remained on the editorial team undertaking roles including writing, editing, proofreading, and liaison with the ANBG.

The Friends ANBG acknowledge her commitment and the outstanding work that Anne has done in producing Fronds for so many years. She has also contributed in a similar capacity to the publications of the Australasian Association of Friends of Botanic Gardens, formerly Catalyst and now Eucalypt.

 All photos: Brian Moir