Construction works and temporary access changes

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Access to the Café during Stage 1 of the East Core Precinct works
Access to the Café during Stage 1 of the East Core Precinct works

Work has begun on several construction projects that will affect access to various sections of the Gardens:

  • The East Core Precinct works (Café deck, lawn and new section of the Main Path) will be completed in two stages to allow as much access as possible into and around the Café:
    • Stage 1 is scheduled for 17 May to 25 June. A fence has been erected around the Café deck worksite, and the rainforest bridge is closed. Access to the Café has changed (see yellow dotted line on map) - pedestrian access to the take-away window and toilets is now through the laneway between the Ellis Rowan building and the Horticulture Depot.
    • Stage 2 is scheduled for 28 June to 26 July. Once Stage Two commences the rainforest bridge will be re-opened and there will be access to a section of new Main Path and beyond.
  • The Ian Potter Conservatory site has been fenced off, and an alternative route will be in place for visitors to access the main path past the construction site.
  • The stairs from the lower rainforest boardwalk up to the wedding platform are being rebuilt using long-life non-slip material, finishing next week.
  • Concrete path and minor bitumen repairs at the rainforest gully and northern car park edge, to take about 1 week.

Temporary directional signage for pedestrians is currently being implemented that will provide safe access around all these works.

Other projects will be starting soon:

  • Various painting projects will commence in the next two weeks including the area outside the Café take away window and Café toilets, and the Ducrou Pavilion.
  • Resurfacing of the upper boardwalk in the rainforest gully will commence in the next two weeks, and will be closed for 1-2 weeks.