Professor Justin Borevitz ‘Precision Landscape Regeneration’

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Thursday, 16 February 2023 - 12:30pm to 1:30pm
Land Based Carbon Drawdown
Land Based Carbon Drawdown

Justin, from Research School of Biology, ANU, will introduce precision landscape regeneration, including methods in Eucalyptus foundation species to re-build agro-ecosystems, methods for boosting soil carbon with microbes and management, and the outsized role Australia can have for world’s planetary health and resilience.

Agriculture and ecosystems are tipping toward collapse due to land use and climate extremes. Irreversible feedbacks in the land system can lock in food insecurity, biodiversity loss and a hot house world. However, regenerating agro-ecosystems is possible and can be profitable. It will take human labour and ingenuity on the scale not seen since the recovery from last global depression. Fortunately, we have the technological capacity to map, measure and model the problems and the solutions at a local (farm) scale where direct action can have impact on land and livelihoods. In this talk, I will introduce the components of precision landscape regeneration, linking genotype, phenotype and environment, and the outsized role Australia can have in the world. I will then present Landscape Genomics methods in Eucalyptus foundation species to rebuild agro-ecosystems. Finally, I will present methods for boosting soil carbon with microbes and management. Integrating and scaling these land-based solutions can build planetary health and resilience.

Professor Borevitz is from the Research School of Biology, Centre of Excellence in Plant Energy Biology at the Australian National University. He leads a grand challenge project - Land Based Carbon Drawdown to Enhance the Earth System and researches the genetic basis of climate adaptation in woodland foundation species for restoration and regeneration.

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