Dr Chris Cargill ‘Extremophiles: bryophyte discoveries in southwest Western Australia and Central Australia’

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Thursday, 7 March 2024 - 12:30pm to 1:30pm
Chris Cargill collecting at an unknown saline pond in WA
Chris Cargill collecting at an unknown saline pond in WA

Liverworts, hornworts and their close relatives, mosses (collectively known as bryophytes) are often thought of as plants of dank, wet, cool, or tropical environments. But bryophytes are masters of survival in the most extreme and harsh conditions. Recent field trips to southwest Western Australia made several discoveries of liverworts growing under salty environments, on dry sandy soil habitats and as the dominant plants around claypans and saltpans in Central Australia. Come and hear about these fascinating plants but also see images of the breath-taking landscapes of these regions and some of the beautiful flowering plants that grow with them.

Dr Chris Cargill graduated from Monash University in 1978 and, after some years engrossed in liverworts as a research assistant, went on to complete her PhD at the University of Southern Illinois in 2000. Returning to Australia, she became curator of the cryptogam collection at the Australian National Herbarium in 2001. She has also continued her research, concentrating on the taxonomy and systematics of Australian hornworts and liverworts.

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