Library Connect March 2024

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Monopoly game box

This edition of Library Connect has the usual listing of new books, a game*, and links to articles on digitizing handwritten data and on spectacular Australian plant fossils

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For your interest

Nature - Technology Feature, 5 March 2024
Five tips for digitizing handwritten data.
Need to digitize field notes or historical documents? Researchers share their best practices.
By Alla Katsnelson

The Conversation
A botanical Pompeii: we found spectacular Australian plant fossils from 30 million years ago
Published: February 21, 2024 10.26am AEDT

New additions to the collection

The endemic flora of Tasmania / painted by Margaret Stones; botanical and ecological text by Winifred Curtis.

Monopoly: fast-dealing property trading game: CBR, Canberra edition*.

* The Australian National Botanic Gardens is the first square on the board after you pass Go. A brown square, it is worth 60 Monopoly dollars.

Australian native food harvest: a guide for the passionate cook and gardener / by Julie Weatherhead.

Kimberley monsoon rainforests: islands in a sea of savanna / by Kevin F. Kenneally.

Western Australian plant names and their meanings: a glossary / A. S. George & F. A. Sharr.

Orchids of Victoria: a field guide / Rudie H. Kuiter.

A practical guide to planting tubestock paddock trees / John R. Baker.

The nation of plants / Stefano Mancuso

Mini-forest revolution: using the Miyawaki method to rapidly rewild the world / Hannah Lewis

The memory of trees: the future of eucalypts and our home among them / Viki Cramer.