Library Connect May 2024

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Cover of Kimberley Seed Collection Book
Cover of Kimberley Seed Collection Book

The May edition of Library Connect is now available.

It has the usual listing of new books, a new artwork and a few articles for your interest. 

The library is staffed Mon - Fri 9.30 - 4.30 and Alex can also be contacted by email or phone (02 6250 9480) if you need assistance. 

The “click and collect” boxes in the Visitor Centre are still available for returning items, and Alex is very happy to leave items there for collection if that’s easier than visiting the library.

For your interest:

CAREER COLUMN, 20 May 2024
How to set up your new lab space
An empty room can be intimidating. But with some thoughtful planning, you can create a thriving scientific community.
By Marissa Coppola & Jessica W. Tsai

I’m worried I’ve been contacted by a predatory publisher — how do I find out?
Researchers frequently receive invitations to publish in journals that they might not have heard of. Nature asked two scientists how they would check whether a publication is legitimate.
By Nikki Forrester  

Nature, 24 April 2024
Phylogenomics and the rise of the angiosperms
Zuntini, A.R., Carruthers, T., Maurin, O. et al.

Sustainable Floristry Network
Floral foam - the facts

New additions to the collection:

  • Seed collection and propagation guide for plants of the Kimberley / prepared by Ayesha Moss, Louise Beames and Phil Docherty.
  • The forest wars : the ugly truth about what's happening in our tall forests / David Lindenmayer.
  • A greater prize than gold : Augustus Oldfield, 19th century botanical collector and ethnographer in Australia / M. Helen and William G. (Bill) Henderson.
  • Kimberley eucalypts : a guide / Phil Docherty; illustrated by Tom Montgomery.
  • Ornamental plants. Volume 1, Trees, shrubs, conifers. Volume 2, Annuals, soft-wooded perennials, bulbous and climbing plants, glossary of botanical terms / by Raymond J. Rowell.
  • Pormpuraaw : cultural uses for plants / Paul Jakubowski & Faye Atkinson
  • Eungella : land of clouds : a Queensland Museum discovery guide.
  • Botany in a day : the patterns method of plant identification : an herbal field guide to plant families of North America / Thomas J. Elpel.
  • Hakea platysperma [art original] / Sue Grieves.
  • The complete orchids of Western Australia : a comprehensive reference to the native orchids of Western Australia / Andrew Brown.
  • Cane toads : a tale of sugar, politics and flawed science / Nigel Turvey.