ANBG Friends helping with the living collections stocktake

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Searching for labels during the stocktake
Searching for labels during the stocktake

Have you noticed a sudden profusion of pale green ribbons adorning some of the plants in the Gardens? As you may have guessed, a stocktake of the ANBG's living collection is underway by Gardens staff with help from some hardy volunteers from among the Friends.

The green ribbons may indicate several things. Some have lost their metallic identification labels, others may be self-seeded or are not recorded on the Gardens database.

A stocktake of the garden beds in Gardens is conducted regularly. This involves mapping the location of the plants within each garden bed, checking nomenclature and accession details against a current computer printout, repositioning tags and labels, and assessing the health of plants. Special attention is paid to the endangered species collection. Following the stocktake the database is updated, new labels are ordered and species are checked for numbers so that a propagation request can be forwarded the Nursery if necessary.

If you are a Friend and would like to be involved in 'Hands-on' activities in the Gardens, keep an eye on the Activities page.