Charring Party on Thursday 31st August 2017

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The Cave Urban team is now in the early stages of work on the treehouse. If you continue past the café in a pretty straight line you will soon find the site in the melaleucas and above the Paperbark lawn. The treehouse design involves recycled timber preserved by yakisugi, a traditional Japanese design for carbonising wood.

Cave Urban will start charring wood next Thursday 31 August from 10am until late afternoon, on the lawn immediately below the melaleucas  and is inviting Friends of the ANBG to help with the charring as a gesture of thanks for the Friends’ support of this exciting project.

People are welcome to observe the charring, do some charring themselves or put their names down on a list for some later charring occasions.  Cave Urban will provide instruction. Goggles and gloves will also be provided and any would-be charrers are advised to wear old clothes.

Cave Urban will also provide some refreshments during the day – soup and bread during the day and charred meat at lunchtime.