Intrusion into the Friends web server

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An important message for members of the Friends

The security of the server that hosts the Friends website and our membership database has recently been compromised, and unauthorised intruders have been detected.


  • Our website, membership database and other systems were temporarily affected, but have now been restored and all our data is safe;
  • Some membership information (but not financial information) might have been visible, but we cannot know whether it was accessed. No banking or credit card details were involved, as these are not entered on to the membership database;
  • Currently one intrusion is still periodically re-occurring, but is being manually detected and neutralised when it appears. We are obtaining specialist assistance to deal with this.

Statement for members

Because there is a possibility that information about members may have become accessible to the intruders, Friends Council has prepared a more detailed statement about the intrusion and what information might have been affected. The statement can be downloaded from the link below or from the Friends website.

The statement is provided so that members are aware of the situation. No particular action or response is required.

Statement for members - Intrusion into the Friends web server (PDF, 205 KB)

Further information

We will advise members via our website when the server has been fully secured, and if any other significant development occurs.

If you have questions about what has happened and how you might have been affected, please email or call (02) 6250 9548 and leave a message. Please do not direct queries to the Membership team.