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Front page of April 2022 Library Connect

The ANBG Library re-opened to visitors in April.

The opening hours are Mon-Fri 9:30-4:30, but there are still restrictions on visitor numbers, so please call (02) 6250 9480 or email before visiting.

Friends can still access library materials via the 'Click and Collect' service: please contact the Librarian to discuss your requirements. The 'Click and Collect' boxes are in the Visitor Centre and are convenient for returning items.

The Library Connect newsletter is now also being published again, as a new books bulletin for the time being. The most recent issues, with a list of the new books covered, are:

February 2022

  • An illustrated catalogue of Tasmanian mosses: Part 3 / R.D. Seppelt, S.J. Jarman, L.H. Cave.
  • Guide to native orchids of NSW and ACT / Lachlan M. Copeland and Gary N. Backhouse.
  • A guide to propagating Norfolk Island's native plants and seeds / Leah Dann, Mark Scott, Lydia Guja, Melinda Wilson, Nigel Greenup and Salit Kark.
  • Native plants and seaside gardens. Book three / Beaumaris Tree Preservation Society. Contents:
    • The legacy of the Aborigines / Norman B. Tindale and H.A. Lindsay
    • Birds in our garden / Roy P. Cooper
    • Start a bird table / P. Crosbie Morrison
    • Are Australian plants susceptible to artificial fertilisers? / T.R.N. Lothian
    • Eucalypts for garden culture / Ernest E. Lord
    • Rock outcrops in the natural garden / Glen Wilson
    • Selection, propagation and cultivation of native plants / W. Cane and Jean Galbraith.
  • Field guide to the native trees of the ACT / National Parks Association of the ACT (Third edition)
  • First know the nature of things: celebrating the life and work of Denis John Carr (1915-2008). Botanist. Scholar. Mentor. / compiled and edited by Brian Gunning, Roland Jahnke, Marion Manifold, Bruce Wellington.
  • Snippets of mycological history / Heino Lepp.
  • The book of psalms: illuminated / design and illustrations by Fiona Pfennigwerth.
  • The complete book of ferns: indoors -- outdoors -- growing -- crafting -- history & lore / Mobee Weinstein.
  • The families and genera of vascular plants / edited by K. Kubitzki. Vol. XIII and XV.
    • Vol. 13 - Flowering Plants. Monocots : Poaceae
    • Vol. 15 - Flowering Plants. Eudicots : Apiales, Gentianales (except Rubiaceae)

March 2022

  • Plant germplasm conservation in Australia: strategies and guidelines for developing, managing and utilising ex situ collections / editors, Amelia J. Martyn Yenson et al.
  • Barks and trunks: rainforest trees of south-eastern Australia, volume 1 / Peter Poropat (Second edition).
  • Country: future fire, future farming / Bill Gammage & Bruce Pascoe ; [introduction by Margo Neale].
  • Australian deserts: ecology and landscapes / Steve Morton.
  • The Wardian case: how a simple box moved plants and changed the world / Luke Keogh.
  • Lantern bushes of Australia ; Thomasias & allied genera : a field and horticultural guide / by Trevor Blake. Edited by Jane Canaway. Illustrated by Trevor Blake.
  • Vegetation dynamics: a synthesis of plant ecophysiology, remote sensing and modelling / Derek Eamus, Alfredo Huete, Qiang Yu.
  • Safer gardens: plant flammability & planning for fire / Lesley Corbett.
  • A field guide to the Eremophilas of Western Australia / Andrew Brown and Bevan Buirchell (Revised 2nd edition).
  • Wildland fire behaviour: dynamics, principles and processes / Mark A Finney, Sara S McAllister, Torben P Grumstrup, Jason M Forthofer.

April 2022

  • The waterwise Australian native garden: a practical guide to garden design, plant selection and much more / Angus Stewart & AB Bishop.
  • Growing Eremophila / Russell Wait, Christine Huf, Cathy Powers, Jenny West.
  • Native plants of Northern Australia / John Brock ; drawings by Adi Dunlop (Revised edition).
  • Curatorial practices for botanical gardens / Timothy C. Hohn.
  • Illustrated plant glossary / Enid Mayfield ; [foreword by Pauline Ladiges].
  • Wildflowers of Lower Eyre Peninsula: Plant Identikit / text by Hazel O'Connor, Janet Smyth and Isabel Smith ; illustrations by Christina Haldane, Ursula Halls and Janet Smyth.
  • Moths in the A.C.T. / Glenn Cocking, Suzi Bond, Ted Edwards.
  • A supplement to the liverwort flora of the British Isles / Jean A. Paton.
  • Speaking of the environment: what your science classes didn't teach you about effective communication / Paula Jasinski, Dave Jasinski.
  • Creative place-based environmental education: children and schools as ecopreneurs for change / Jorunn Barane, Aksel Hugo, Morten Clemetsen.
  • Noongar bush tucker: bush food plants and fungi of the south-west of Western Australia / Vivienne Hansen and John Horsfall.